23 May 2016


In addition to supporting football on a national level, BTPN Wow! continues to expand BTPN’s reach to communities previously without access to banking services.  

PT Bank Tabungan Pensiunan Nasional (BTPN) Tbk is providing a whole range of benefits due to its participation in sponsoring the 2016 Torabika Soccer Championship (TSC). This sponsorship initiative gives BTPN the chance to support football on a national level as well as to use its product BTPN Wow! to continue expanding the bank’s reach to communities previously denied access to banking services. 

BTPN Wow! is a branchless banking financial services product, forming part of the effort to improve financial inclusion in Indonesia, which was officially launched in March 2015. As of April 2016, BTPN Wow! could already boast 487 thousand customers supported by 32 thousand agents. This year, BTPN Wow! is targeting a rise in its number of customers to as many as 4-5 million, with up to 75 thousand agents involved in the program.

The support given by BTPN Wow! to national football in general, and the 2016 TSC competition in particular, is not merely confined to the value of its sponsorship. Instead, the entire footballing community, and especially supporters, can enjoy various direct benefits by simply opening a BTPN Wow! account. Doing this, for example, allows you to cheer on your favorite team so much more easily by making it really simple to buy match tickets.

“Through BTPN Wow! football fans can save money which will enable them to purchase match tickets and support their favorite team whenever it is playing. The amount of money saved doesn’t matter. We will accept any amount,” said Deputy President Director of BTPN, Djemi Suhenda.

The spark for this idea came when BTPN noticed the huge spirit shown by football fans in supporting their favorite team on the field of play. Even with ticket prices which are heavy on the pocket, the determination of supporters never wavers. They somehow always manage to scrape together enough money to pay for their travel costs as well as tickets to watch the game live at the stadium.

“We are currently exploring the possibility of collaborating with football clubs and supporters to make it easy for fans to buy match tickets using BTPN Wow!,” added Head of Marketing of BTPN Wow! Luhur Budijarso.

Rallying supporters to open a BTPN Wow! account forms part of BTPN’s efforts to broaden access to its financial inclusion service products. BTPN is striving to do this by utilizing the large national football supporter base, or football communities, which exists all over the vast Indonesian archipelago.

“We are really eager to reach out to all layers of society associated with football – not just football supporters – through our sponsorship of this tournament, so that they too can enjoy the numerous advantages of financial inclusion,” said Luhur in conclusion. (*)

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